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Right here on beautiful Canim Lake in the South Cariboo area of the BC Interior. Even though our area is mostly "undiscovered", you'll be impressed at the ease with which you can get here.

Paved highway all the way to our road is an important thing when you're driving into the BC Interior...we have it!

And, you'll only be an easy and pleasant 40 minute drive from 100 Mile House, BC - the "service centre" for our area. You'll find anything and everything you need in 100 Mile to make your stay with us a comfortable & enjoyable one.

If you're driving, here are a few references to help you plan your trip:

  • From Calgary...about 10 hours
  • From Edmonton...about 8 hours
  • From Vancouver...about 6 hours
  • From Whistler...about 6 hours
  • From Prince George...about 3.5 hours
  • From Kamloops...about 3 hours
  • From 100 Mile House...about 40 minutes

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